Baitfuel B Bug Creature Bait 8pk

Size: 3"
Colour: Okeechobee Craw
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A legendary compact flipping bait that provides versatility for a wide range of rigging techniques, the Netbait BaitFuel B Bug Creature Bait is made with large protruding ribs to move water and beaver-like appendages to kick up the commotion. Primarily used for heavy-duty flipping applications, the B Bug is also highly effective when dragged along the bottom with a Texas or Carolina rig, used as a jig trailer, or thrown weightless for an ultra-slow rate of fall in shallow cover.

Fueling your every bite with the next generation of bass fishing scent technology, each lure is injected with BaitFuel’s X55 Formula to enhance all the ‘go-to’ color patterns, shapes, and shimmering action anglers need to provoke a feeding response from predators. Complete with a recessed center body to improve your hook-up ratios, the Netbait BaitFuel B Bug Creature Bait is flavored with a scientifically engineered scent gel that has been tested and proven to increase your catch rate!

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