Baitfuel C-Mac Curly Tail Worm 11" 9pk

Size: 11"
Colour: Green Pumpkin
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A classic big bass bait reimagined with Netbait's cutting-edge scent technology, the NetBait BaitFuel C-Mac Curly Tail Worm harnesses the power of BaitFuel to keep fish holding on to its ribbon tail longer. With a slow-moving tail that whips and flows with on retrieves, its lazy action and oversized profile is great for the dog days of summer, and even night fishing. With a smooth belly and ribbed back up to the tail that helps prevent line twisting, the C-Mac makes rigging on a large extended wide gap hook easy, making it great when fished on Texas and Carolina rigs. A favorite of pro angler Greg Vinson, the C-Mac is injected with BaitFuel X55 Formula to keep fish biting cast-after-cast. BaitFuel’s X55 Formula injected into each gives taste enhancers that fish bite and won’t let go. From ledge fishing to dragging through laydowns, the NetBait BaitFuel C-Mac Curly Tail Worm calls to hungry bass looking for a big meal.

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