Baitfuel Ion Stick Bait 5" 8pk

Colour: Green Pumpkin
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Infused with the future of fishing scent technology, the Netbait BaitFuel Ion Soft Stick Bait is fueled by BaitFuel X55 Formula to enhance your presentation with a super-charged scent field that provokes a natural feeding response from predators. A classic stick-bait style worm that every angler should have tied on, the tapered body shape produces a slow enticing shimmy as it falls through the water column and drives fish wild.

Relying on science to increase your catch rate, these premium stick baits are also available in proven bait colors and made from super-soft plastic to deliver incredible life-like action that fish simply can't resist. Perfect for wacky or neko rigging techniques, the NetBait BaitFuel Ion Soft Stick Bait delivers the ultimate combination of natural action and powerful scent attractants to make fish hold on longer and improve hook-up ratios.

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