Baitfuel Lizard 6" 9pk

Colour: Green Pumpkin
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With a scent-packed lizard shape, the NetBait BaitFuel Lizard Creature Bait harnesses the power of BaitFuel for a presentation that bass won’t pass up. A hard-thumping take on a classic reptilian profile, the Netbait BaitFuel Lizard Creature Bait has a slender, streamlined body that navigates vegetation with maximum efficiency. The key to the bait’s action is its two slightly larger front legs, which along with the rear two legs offer a more noticeable presence in the water. At the rear, anglers will find an oversized curly tail generating a vibrating turbine action bass can feel in their lateral lines. Swing it, drag it, swim it, this versatile lizard can be fished a variety of ways and a great choice for spring bed fishing. The lizard is impregnated with the BaitFuel X55 scent formula engineered to stimulate more bites, encourage fish to hold on longer, and F.A.S.T. Fish Active Scent Technology to widen the strike zone. When targeting spawning fish or tempting any bass into biting, the NetBait BaitFuel Lizard Creature Bait puts a new spin on a timeless secret weapon, now featuring BaitFuel science for top results.

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