Baitfuel Paca Craw 5" 8pk

Colour: Alabama Craw
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ncreasing the potency of the original, the Netbait BaitFuel Paca Craw utilizes groundbreaking scent technology that amplifies attraction. Buzz it, swim it, jig it, flip it, pitch it, the Paca Craw creates a helicopter effect that slows the descent and can be deployed using a variety of rigging methods. For anglers who love the original Paca Craw, the BaitFuel version provides added scent dispersion and is engineered with BaitFuel’s X55 scent formula to stimulate more bites and encourage fish to hold on longer. And when you really want to amplify attraction, the hollow-body design is customizable with a large rattle or scent reservoir. With a solid half-inch butt section that lends itself to secure rigging, the NetBait BaitFuel Paca Craw remains one of the most versatile soft plastics on the market – now backed by BaitFuel’s lab-tested attraction.

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