Baitfuel Twin Tail Grub 3" 10pk

Colour: Sun Gill
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BaitFuel infused for maximum attraction, the NetBait BaitFuel Twin Tail Grub Trailer utilizes years of lab research to give anglers an edge against discerning fish and tough competition. Featuring NetBait’s revolutionary bait scent, it offers a kicking effect on the swim that moves water to draw in bass and trigger aggressive reaction strikes. The fluttering appendages are a great match for a wide range of baits, including finesse jigs, finesse spinnerbaits, downsized buzzbaits, and vibrating jigs. The body of the NetBait BaitFuel Twin Tail Grub Trailer has end-to-end ribbing to help push water and give a natural feel and swimming action for feeding bass. As a trailer, the Twin Tail Grub has a slow fall with durability that holds up to multiple fish catches and re-rigging. BaitFuel’s X55 Formula is injected directly into the bait with attractants and taste enhancers engineered to induce bites and keep fish holding on longer. Offered in a line of proven trailer colors, the NetBait BaitFuel Twin Tail Grub Trailer is ready for action with more potency than ever before thanks to BaitFuel and lab-proven scent technology.

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