Rad 60 Crankbait

Colour: Ghost Minnow
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Delivering a full-size profile and heavy-hitting action, the Freedom Tackle Rad 60 Crankbaits is the largest offering in the Rad series of crankbaits. Tucked under the brush-conquering Big Bait Heads are durable, hydrodynamic lips that plunge the plugs to their specified depths, slice through vegetation, and energetically deflect off hard cover to trigger a feeding response in any predator lurking nearby. Their bills also impart a vibrating, shimmering action that makes them deadly even when running in open water.

The Freedom Tackle Rad 60 Crankbaits also feature meticulous exteriors with impressive detailing and powerful hardware to haul trophy catches back to the boat. The bodies come to life with 3D scale patterns, fins, facial features, and a set of 3D eyes for unquestionable realism. Additionally, the bellies of the plugs are anchor points for robust split rings and razor-sharp black nickel treble hooks that maximize anglers’ confidence every time they swing their rods. Tempting bass with a hearty profile and mesmerizing action, the Freedom Tackle Rad 60 Crankbaits are the perfect tools for harassing predators holding deeper off the banks.

Freedom Tackle Length Weight Depth
Rad 60 2-1/2 in 5/8 oz 9 ft

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