Rad Lipless Crankbait

Size: 2-1/2" 3/8oz.
Colour: Yellow Perch
Prix réduit$9.49

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Helping anglers cover water more efficiently than ever, the Freedom Tackle Rad Lipless Crankbaits combine incredible castability with heavy-hitting action! The Rad Lipless Crankbaits rely on a super aerodynamic profile that sails through the air with minimal resistance to enable anglers to navigate large swaths of water quickly in search of the next big bite. Once in the water column, they deliver a radical, hyper-vibrating action that stays tight from the start to the end of the retrieve. They are also crafted with high-density alloy internal rattles for an acoustic property that hypnotizes bass and calls them in from greater distances. To create a more versatile bait, their construction keeps them upright when fished vertically which is key for targeting challenging suspended bass.

To back up their explosive action and performance, the Freedom Tackle Rad Lipless Crankbaits dive out into your favorite fishery with exceptional detailing and premium hardware. The entire bodies are enhanced with 3D detailing that includes mandibles, gill plates, pectoral fins, scale patterns, and more. Those details are further brought to life by the natural 3D eyes and their meticulous paint schemes. Hanging from the bellies are sticky sharp black nickel treble hooks that will surely button up any predators that come in for a sniff. Highly productive multi-species lures, the Freedom Tackle Rad Lipless Crankbaits will shimmy and wobble their way to scale-busting limits!

Freedom Tackle Length Weight Class
Rad Lipless 60 2-1/2" 3/8oz Sinking
Rad Lipless 75 3" 5/8oz Sinking

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