STH Baitfuel Tube 8pk

Size: 2.5"
Colour: Green Pumpkin
Prix réduit$6.99

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Designed to improve your hook-up ratios with finicky and non-committal fish, the Netbait STH BaitFuel Finesse Tubes are comprised of 40% body and 60% tail material for better hook exposure to help anglers capitalize on more bites. Made using the finest hand-poured plastics and injected with BaitFuel’s X55 scent formula, each tube is supercharged with Fish Active Scent Technology to provoke key predator feeding instincts, stimulate more bites, and encourage fish to hold on longer.

Ideal for getting bites well after the fish have shut down, BaitFuel was scientifically engineered and proven to bring more bites to your line with a water-based gel that releases a scent cloud that mimics the smell and taste of natural forage. An excellent option for targeting smallmouth and spotted bass around complex rocky structures, the Netbait STH BaitFuel Finesse Tubes deliver a true triple threat of high durability, exceptional action, and proven scent technology.

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