3 Wire 3 Blade Umbrella Rig


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A continuation of HogFarmer’s premium lineup of umbrella rigs, the HogFarmer 3 Wire 3 Blade Rig is a low profile rig for those times when you need a subtle, finesse presentation. Built with the same quality as all Hog Famer Rigs, the 3 Wire 3 Blade Rigs starts with an ultra-tough impact-resistant plastic head and a fully enclosed swivel line-tie for hassle-free fishing.

Featuring tournament-grade components, the 3 Wire 3Blade Rig is outfitted with high-quality clevises and 80lb snap swivels. Ball bearing swivels attached to super bright willow blades also help complete its small, valuable bait ball profile, and heavy gauge wires provide increased strength and the ability to land multiple big fish at once.  Designed and built to deliver the highest quality fishing performance possible, the HogFarmer 3 Wire 3 Blade Rig makes an easy target for aggressive predators.

**Don't forget to check your Province's/State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some Provinces/States.