Baitfuel Little Spanky Swimbait 3.25" 9pk

Colour: Smokin' Shad

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A new take on a time-tested baitfish imitator, the NetBait BaitFuel Spanky Swimbait is packed with BaitFuel’s fish-catching formula to help anglers entice more bites than ever before. Designed with a narrow belly and hard-thumping paddle tail, it creates a steady kick to trigger reaction strikes and is compact enough to fish in heavy cover. Each swimbait is saturated with BaitFuel’s X55 scent formula engineered to stimulate more bites, encourage fish to hold on longer, and widen the strike zone. Water-based BaitFuel is the product of years spent in the laboratory testing its fish attraction.

A versatile swimbait and also a favorite of pro angler Greg Vinson for pitching, the Spanky Swimbait works great when rigged behind a vibrating jig, swim jig, Texas rig and even on a drop shot. Designed with a relatively dense body and thin paddle tail, it delivers secure rigging and a hard-kicking attraction at all speeds. Backed by cutting-edge scent technology, the NetBait BaitFuel Spanky Swimbait offers all of the tried-and-true action of the original – now with a whole new flavor.