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Ideal for anglers who want to enhance their presentation with sound or added weight, the Z-Man Rattle-Snaker is a patented tool designed for the precise insertion of rattles and weights into the bodies of Elaztech super-plastics and traditional soft baits. Featuring a two-part molded plastic design, each tool includes a stainless-steel insertion needle and push rod to efficiently insert and secure a rattle inside a soft bait without the use of a knife, snips, or other tools. Complete with a surgical tubing needle guard to prevent accidental harm and keep the point sharp while in storage, the Z-Man Rattle-Snaker comes with ten Rattle Snaker glass rattles and a built-in storage compartment for holding extra rattles.

  • Patented tool designed for the precision insertion of rattles and weights into the bodies of ElaZtech® and standard softbaits
  • Two-part molded plastic design includes stainless steel insertion needle and pushrod
  • Built-in storage compartment holds extra glass rattles
  • Surgical tubing needle guard prevents accidental harm
  • Rattle-Snaker® tool includes 10 glass rattles
  • Replacement rattles (10 pack) also available