Swamp Lord Popping Frog

Colour: Spring Frog

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Featuring a cupped mouth that splashes and spits water erratically as you pop and twitch it across the surface, the Berkley Swamp Lord Popping Frog was designed in collaboration with expert frog angler and 2022 Redcrest Champion Bobby Lane. Optimized for positive hook-up ratios, the Swamp Lord Popping Frog is backed by a precisely angled sticky-sharp Berkley Fusion 19 frog hook and is built with an ultra-soft yet durable body that collapses quickly so anglers can take advantage of every opportunity.

Available in an assortment of forage-matching color patterns, each frog is fitted with long high-quality silicone skirting material that can be easily trimmed to your preference to create a more compact presentation. The last hollow-body frog any angler needs to become a lord of the swamp, the Berkley Swamp Lord Popping Frog includes a sealed hook shank and body chamber to reduce water intrusion for more efficient and uninterrupted frog fishing.

Berkley Length Weight Class
Swamp Lord Popping Frog 2.4" 2/3oz Topwater