Zoo Dog

Size: 4.25" 3/5oz.
Colour: Dark Gill

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The apex of topwater bait innovation, the Snag Proof Zoo Dog 3/5oz offers a supple hollow body for extraordinary walk-the-dog movement that entices even the wariest fish hiding in cover to strike. Its ingenious integrated hook design ensures snag-free performance, conquering the densest vegetation or cover with ease. Whether you prefer a leisurely side-to-side walk-the-dog motion or an aggressive twitch for a more erratic action, the Zoo Dog adapts effortlessly to any topwater situation. Meticulously crafted for the submerged wilderness, this lure transforms topwater fishing into a captivating spectacle, producing the wildest blowups from massive fish. Take your topwater arsenal to the next level with the Snag Proof Zoo Dog 3/5oz and give those cover-oriented bass a unique new presentation that will yield the most exciting blowups you’ll ever see.