Contour Worm 10pk

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Size: 6"
Colour: Smoke Purple
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Built to excel with almost every finesse technique, the Netbait Contour Worm delivers a completely original worm profile that will have bass begging for a bite. Designed with a series of contours along the body, the Netbait Contour Worm produces a revolving influx of light penetration, which causes the worm to “light up” as it is hopped, dragged, and twitched. Combining the appearance of hand pours with the durability of injection molds, the NetBait Contour Worm is perfectly suited for drop shots, shakey heads, and light Texas-rigs. Offered in a number of jaw-dropping colors, the NetBait Contour Worms will keep your spinning reel screaming with delight.

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