Missile Baits

Fuse 4.4 12 pk

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Truly a unique creation, the Missile Baits Fuse 4.4 features a slender crawfish shaped body and an animated action that gets bass salivating. The ribbed body of the Fuse 4.4 was designed with a thick rear portion for easy rigging on a regular hook or a shakey head, while the thinner section conceals the hook point and creates a clean, snagless presentation. The skinny arms of the Fuse 4.4 bring the flailing claws to life with every little twitch. Whether you’re Texas-rigging, Carolina-rigging, or drop shotting, the Missile Baits Fuse 4.4 is sure to fill your livewell, and it also makes a great pairing with the Missile Baits Warlock Head.