Rage Ned Bug 2.5" 9pk

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Size: 2.5"
Colour: Summer Craw
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A unique creature bait design for the ever-popular Ned Rig, the Strike King Rage Tail Ned Bug will be a must-have asset in your finesse fishing line-up. Following suit with the other great Strike King Rage Tail products, the Rage Ned Bug includes flanged appendages that thump and kick as you move this bait through the water. Designed with a compact body, the Strike King Rage Ned Bug perfectly fits on a Ned Rig head, allowing you to downsize your Strike King plastics when the fish are looking for a smaller creature bait presentation. In addition to the Ned Rig, the Strike King Rage Ned Bug would be a good find for any angler searching for a new finesse jig trailer. Available in great selection of fish-catching colors, the Strike King Rage Tail Ned Bug is sure to effectively match any hatch of small creatures that your bass are feeding on.

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