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The Original Slammer 8pk

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When the Original Slammer hit the market it became a close kept secret for many anglers on the water due to the incredible results it produced. Why do so many of the Elite Pro's turn to the X Zone Slammer as part of their must have finesse arsenal. The X Zone Slammer is a 100% true hand-poured bait! X Zone’s specialized hand-pouring process delivers a soft textured salt impregnated bait with unmatched quality and action. The Slammer’s unique shape, action, and incredible hatch matching colors allow it to mimic a wide variety of forage from minnows, shad, shiners to sculpin, gobies, and leeches. The X Zone Slammer can be used on a variety of rigs, including Drop-shot, Shakeyhead, Football Heads, Darter Heads, Split-shots, and more!