3DB Vibe

Size: 2 5/8"
Colour: Prism Ayu
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Depth: Sinking


The Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Vibe encompasses all of the attributes and fish catching ability of Yo-Zuri’s classic Rattlin’ Vibe - now with Yo-Zuri’s patented 3D Prism finish and Wave Motion Technology. The added flash and reflection helps attract attention and maintain its lifelike appearance, and a loud rattle helps call fish to the area. Burn it back to the boat, stoke it off the bottom or rip it out of grass, the 3DB Vibe is also a great search bait perfect for covering a lot of water quickly. Available in a range of colors to help you match the conditions and forage of your local waters, the Yo-Zuri 3DB Series Vibe is a bait to be reckoned with.

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