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More than just your average pair of split ring pliers, the Spro Stainless Steel Split Ring Pliers are a multi-functional tool combo packed with additional features that avid anglers will appreciate. Made from highly durable stainless steel and coated with PTFE for superior corrosion resistance, an ergonomic non-slip grip ensures a secure grasp during use, and the high-vis Spro green handles won’t go unnoticed. Featuring ribbed teeth, a split ring tip, and multiple crimping sections these pliers make swapping out hooks easy even when you are on the water.

Equipped with tungsten carbide side-cutters, Spro pliers are designed to cut through braided fishing lines with ease. Spro has also machined small holes into the jaws of the pliers so anglers can conveniently place hooks through them to cinch down their knots tightly. Complete with a sheath, belt clip, and heavy-duty lanyard, the Spro Stainless Steel Split Ring Pliers can be stored on your person and drawn at a moment’s notice.

-Stainless Steel w/ PTFE coating
-Split ring pliers
-Braid cutter
-Crimping tool
-Ribbed Teeth
-Non-slip grip
-Sheath with belt and heavy-duty lanyard

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