Aruku Shad 65

Length: 2-1/3"
Weight: 3/8oz
Colour: Chrome Black
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The Aruku Shad 60 is a unique lipless crankbait that is designed to run nose down through the water. The nose down action does two things, one allows the bait to come through cover extremely well, and two allows the bait to stand on its nose on the bottom like a feeding bait-fish. The Aruku Shad 60 features extremely loud rattles, comes with sticky sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks and in an array of fish-catching colors.
  • Loud Rattle
  • Realistic Finishes
  • Vibration Action
  • Size: 60 mm
  • Weight: 3/8 oz. 
  • Depth: Sinking
  • Hooks: Gamakatsu #6 Round Bend treble Hooks

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