Baitfuel BF Toad 5pk

Size: 4"
Colour: Black
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Designed with slender kicking legs to generate enticing surface action with any retrieve speed, the NetBait BaitFuel BF Toad is a soft body buzzing frog that attracts explosive topwater strikes from bass sheltering in heavy cover. Made using the finest hand-poured plastics and injected with BaitFuel’s X55 scent formula, BF Toads are supercharged with Fish Active Scent Technology to provoke key predator feeding instincts, stimulate more bites, and encourage fish to hold on longer.

Built with a thick plastic nose to easily secure your favorite screw-lock or EWG hook, the top of the frog has a deep hook pocket to provide a completely weedless presentation and allow anglers to fish the BF Toad anywhere with confidence. Available in a range of go-to color patterns that are sure to fill your livewell, the NetBait BaitFuel BF Toad delivers a true triple threat of scent, action, and operability.

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