Bang StickZ 6pk

Size: 5.75"
Colour: Coppertreuse
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Offering a new take on the classic soft stickbait, the Z-Man Bang Stickz show the fish something totally different for those times when the fish are highly pressured or in a negative mood. Unlike any other soft stickbait on the market, the Z-Man Bang Stickz feature small tail tentacles that provide a superior action and mimic the natural fin movements of a baitfish, which entices suspicious bass into biting. The Z-Man Bang Stickz are also made from super buoyant 10x tough Elaztech material that stands up off the bottom for better action and provides increased durability so anglers catch more fish per bait. Offering versatility as well, the Z-Man Bang Stickz are absolutely deadly when rigged weightless on a Texas-rig or wacky, but also very effective when fished on a neko-rig, shaky head, or drop shot. Offered in a wide range of proven bass catching colors, the Z-Man Bang Stickz put a new spin on stickbaits and will put more fish in the boat.

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