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Colour: White
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The Freedom Tackle Buzzbait offers an innovative twist on the traditional buzzbait to help anglers get more bites and land more fish. Featuring Freedom’s patented interchangeable swing head design, which allows anglers to quickly change and customize the buzzbait with their favorite hook, skirt and soft plastic bait combinations, the free swinging hook design also keeps the hook point in an optimal position for rock solid hook-sets. Once the fish is hooked, it eliminates any leverage the fish has to throw the hook as well. The Freedom Tackle Buzzbait is built with a keeled head shape that dramatically decreases planing time to keep it on the water’s surface where it belongs. The super durable prop and 300lb stainless steel wire produce a unique sound, and are also incredibly resistant to bending. It is completed with a 40-strand silicone skirt, which delivers added bulk and a lively natural action that bass find irresistible. Offered in a range of colors to cover any situations you may face on the water, the Freedom Tackle Buzzbait makes a giant leap in buzzbait performance.

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