CJ Smasher Worm 5pk

Size: 3"
Colour: Chartreuse White
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Designed to smash the competition at your local derbies, the SPRO CJ Smasher Worm was painstakingly crafted with the details and profile to keep your rod bent and livewell crowded. Constructed with SPRO’s incredible Dura Tuff material, the CJ Smasher Worm not only summons aggressive bites from your water’s predators but will also take a beating so you can spend more time hauling fish over the rails and less time rigging.

In addition to its brute toughness, the SPRO CJ Smasher Worm also relies on intelligent features that combine to draw a generous amount of attention from any bass lurking nearby. The tapered body features a baitfish profile with ample ribbing and a flattened tail to create a natural look and wildly enticing action. The CJ Smasher Worm is enhanced with SPRO’s Amino Bite Scent which relies on a custom blend of amino acids to create a scent trail that travels through the water column and lures fish in from a distance. Dreamed up by Elite Series pro’s the Johnston brothers, the SPRO CJ Smasher Worm was fabricated specifically to be the ultimate dropshot plastic.

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