Dagger 8pk

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Size: 4-1/2"
Colour: Junebug
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Featuring an innovative flex-wing design, the Netbait Dagger Creature Bait is an enticing new option to fling into the thickest cover your water has to offer. Perfect for punching through matts, stick-ups, or any other cover you come across, it relies on a compact body core to easily accommodate a large Texas-rig flippin’ hook while its thin, collapsible wing design compresses quickly to improve hook penetration. In addition to aiding in its ability to slip into tight cover efficiently, the flex-wing also integrates forward-facing angled ribs into the design to improve water displacement and promote a natural swimming action that fish simply can’t resist. While the Dagger Creature Bait is incredibly effective for flipping and punching, the wing also provides a unique gliding action that is equally effective on a Carolina-rig, swinging jighead, or as a part of your favorite punch shot rig. Offered in a range of strike-inducing colors, the Netbait Dagger Creature Bait is sure to slash the competition at your next tournament.

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