GOAT ToadZ 3pk

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Size: 4"
Colour: Coppertreuse
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A brilliant addition to the space-age family of Elaztech baits, the Z-Man Goat Toadz bring explosive action and an irresistible profile to the surface of your favorite fishery. The Goat Toadz start with a bulky yet inviting body that is thick enough to appeal to bass with big appetites, yet carefully streamlined to enhance castability and skipability alike. Stretching out from the body are a pair of enthusiastic legs with paddle tail feet that are designed to kick, thump, and churn up a tremendous amount of water while leaving a generous bubble tail in their wake.

After spending over a year in the research and design phases, the Z-Man Goat Toadz are primed to hop onto the end of anglers’ lines with meticulously crafted features aimed at enhancing the user’s experience on the water. The tops of the bodies boast dorsal ridges that protect both single and double hooks while also adding a layer of realism. The belly half of the bait utilizes a hook slot to ensure confident hooksets and a better hook up ratio. The extremely buoyant and impossibly durable Z-Man Goat Toadz are ideally suited for pairing up with your favorite buzzbait, EWG hook, and much more.

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