Launch Frog XS

Size: 2-1/2"
Weight: 5/8oz
Colour: Leopard
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Building on the success of the original Launch Frog, the Scum Frog Launch Frog XS is a smaller more compact version that is perfect for when the fish are targeting smaller forage, pond fishing, or when there is increased pressure from other anglers and you need to downsize to trigger a bite. Extremely castable and heavy for its relative size, the Scum Frog Launch Frog XS features a proprietary tungsten “parasite” weight system along the shank of the hook and a brass button tail weight, which allows it to cast like a bullet and sit in a perfect nose up position when it lands on the surface. It is also perfectly balanced to make walking the dog extremely easy, which triggers vicious strikes from bass.

Offering an outstanding hook-up ratio as well, the Scum Frog Launch Frog XS features a super soft high compression body and oversized double frog hook that delivers unmatched hook penetration so you put more fish in the livewell. Accented by premium silicone skirt legs that add a lifelike action, the Scum Frog Launch Frog XS is available in digitally printed colors to provide the most realistic presentation.


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