Long ShotZ 6pk

Size: 6"
Colour: Smelt
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Super-soft and impossibly durable, the Z-Man Long Shotz Worm is built to perform unlike any other dropshot bait available. Thanks to its ElaZtech construction the Long Shotz boasts nearly indestructible properties, allowing anglers to tangle with dozens of aggressive bass without having to swap out the bait. A tapered nose is marked with a special hook exit spot for easy nose hooking but won't tear like other finesse baits. In addition to its exceptional durability, the Z-Man Long Shotz Worm also delivers remarkably enticing movements and action due to its thin body, flat belly, wedge-shaped cross section, and tiny spade tail. A 15-percent salt impregnation neutralizes some of the bait's natural buoyancy for a more fluid, enticing presentation. These components all combine to create seductively erratic motions with every twitch of the rod or change in the water’s current. Whether you are looking for a bait capable of boating a limit in challenging conditions, or simply an option that withstands serious abuse from angry predators, the Z-Man Long Shotz Worm delivers on all fronts - and then some.

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