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A long-time favorite of Northern anglers, the Freedom Tackle Marabou Jig is a must-have for serious smallmouth and walleye fishermen and women. Featuring Freedom’s interchangeable free-swinging hook system, this advanced design gives the Marabou Jig a natural flowing action and minimizes leverage, so that fish have a harder time throwing the hook. The Freedom Marabou Jig is built using a keel-shaped head that keeps its razor-sharp hook in an upright position and ensures the highest possible hook-up ratio. Also outfitted with hand-tied, eco-friendly marabou, the Freedom Marabou Jig is absolutely deadly when fishing around small forage or those times when the bite just gets tough. Another key feature is the interchange hook, which gives anglers the ability to quickly change the style of presentation without having to tie-on a new lure. Offered in a variety of proven colors, the Freedom Marabou Jig delivers lifelike action and advanced features that will help you land more fish.

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