Minnow Jigging Spoon

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Size: 1/4 oz
Colour: Herring
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The Freedom Minnow jigging spoon delivers a combination of flash, one-of-a-kind action, and bait-fish appeal that all species find irresistible. Designed with a high-quality metal spoon, the Freedom Minnow features a metal shaft running vertically through the body.
Highly reactive, the Freedom Minnow can be worked with a number of retrieves to draw strikes, including a quick, attention-grabbing jerk and a slow stop-and-go. On the drop, the Freedom Minnow delivers a slow-falling flutter and an abundance of bite-inducing flash.
On the top and bottom of the shaft, the Freedom Minnow is fitted with a metal bead and a glass bead that bang against the body to create a unique underwater sound. Armed with chemically-sharpened, trebles, the Freedom Minnow delivers a highly-individualized presentation that will put a wide-range of species in the boat.

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