Ned Bomb Worm 10pk

Size: 3.25"
Colour: Candy Bomb
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Changing the game of Ned-rig fishing forever, the Missile Baits Ned Bomb Worm breaks the mold of traditional Ned baits and delivers a new school approach to the world of Ned-rigs. Utilizing highly effective qualities of the Missile Baits Bomb Shot Worm, the Missile Baits Ned Bomb Worm features a fully ribbed body that captures air to create an enticing bubble trail and subtle vibration while its super thin paddle tail generates an undulating action with the slightest movement. The Missile Baits Ned Bomb Worm also features a flat solid head, which not only allows it to match up seamlessly with a wide range of Ned-rig jigheads but makes it a great option for nose hooking and Texas-rigging as well. Whether you’re a die-hard Ned-rigger or an occasional bank walker, the Missile Baits Ned Bomb Worm needs to be in your tackle box.

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