Original Slammer 8pk

Size: 4"
Colour: Green Pumpkin Blue Flk
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The Xzone Lures Pro Series Original Slammer built its reputation in the Northern lakes by helping anglers crush huge bags of smallmouth and claiming numerous tournament wins. Made with a super-soft, yet durable, high-quality plastic, Xzone’s specialized pouring process delivers soft textured, salt impregnated baits with unmatched quality and action. Offered in a wide array of hatch matching colors, it’s no wonder many of the Elite Series pro's turn to the Original Slammer when they head North.  

Far from just a Northern smallmouth bait, however, it’s accounted for quality bags and tournament wins all over the USA and Canada by largemouth and smallmouth anglers alike. Its unique shape and action allow it to mimic a wide variety of bass forage - from minnows, shad, and shiners to sculpin, gobies, and leeches. The Xzone Pro Series Original Slammer is also deadly on variety of rigs, including drop shots, shakey heads, football heads, darter heads, split shots, and more!

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