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Due to overwhelming customer demands, the Z-Man Pro Crawz are an upsized version of the original TRD Crawz to give anglers a bigger profile and a more versatile bait. Molded with anatomical realism, the Z-Man Pro Crawz are made from ElaZtech and feature bulked up claws that are super buoyant, which makes them stand up in a natural defensive crawfish posture that aggravates bass into striking. They also feature a tucked under tail, bulbous crawfish eyes, and natural swimmerets that produce micro movements and secondary action to fool even the wariest of predators. Z-Man Pro Crawz create a deadly Ned rig presentation with a slightly larger profile than most other Ned offerings. They are also ideal for flipping and pitching on a Texas-rig or as a jig trailer. Available in a great selection of proven fish catching colors, the Z-Man Pro Crawz deliver unmatched realism and versatile performance.