Rustrictor Box 3600

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Nothing is a guarantee in fishing, except the fact that water is going to get on your fishing gear. So when you stash your lures after a day on the lake, make sure to stay rust-free with the Plano Rustrictor Box 3600. Infused with 360-degrees of rust-preventing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI), the Plano Rustrictor Box 3600 protects your most prized tackle from rust and corrosion five times longer than competing brands.

The dependable Plano Rustrictor Box 3600 has a mid-sized footprint that pairs perfectly with any Plano 3600 tackle bag or tackle system. Included with dividers, the Plano Rustrictor Box 3600 creates anywhere from four to 24 compartments based on your tackle storage needs. Whether you choose the dividers or not, rest assured that your tackle is protect from pesky rust with the Plano Rustrictor Box 3600.

Dimensions: 11” x 7.25” x 1.75”


-Adjustable dividers create 4-24 compartments
-Most effective rust-preventing storage solution on the market
-Blocks rust/corrosion 5x longer* than competing products
-Infused with 360 degrees of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)
-Works with or without dividers
-Developed with Armor Protective Packaging
-Keeps expensive lures/tackle clean and pristine
-Transparent for easy viewing and access to contents
-Wont’ leave residue, odor, or film on tackle

*Per accelerated lab testing

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