Shiver Shot 3.65" 10pk

Size: 3.65"
Colour: Magic Craw Red
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Offering a realistic profile and an incredible level of detail, the Reaction Innovations Shiver Shot is ideal for drop shotting and gives the fish a new presentation they haven’t seen before. Featuring a highly detailed baitfish body shape with lifelike fins, the Shiver Shot will easily fool the wariest and most seasoned bass into biting. It also features a forked tail that comes to life with the slightest movement or current. It also has a thin ridge in the center of the forked tail, which acts like a rudder and helps the Shiver Shot track correctly in current.

Not only is it an excellent choice for drop shotting, the Shiver Shot’s combination of features also makes it a great choice for a vibrating jig, spinnerbait, and scrounger jig as well. Available in a wide range of Reaction Innovations’ unmatched custom color schemes, the Shiver Shot is sure to be your new favorite finesse bait.

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