Slab Rap

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Capitalizing on the predatory instincts of gamefish, the Rapala Slab Rap provides a small, yet tenacious baitfish imitation that will become a staple among your lipless arsenal. Designed with a minnow profile and a center line-tie, the Rapala Slab Rap delivers a wide, erratic lunge with each snap of the rod tip, circling back to center on the pause. Whether it is fished with a straight retrieve, hopped off the bottom, or ticked off the tops of vegetation, the Rapala Slab Rap's forward-weighted design provides an aggressive posture and an appetizing side-to-side wobble on the fall. Equipped with two razor-sharp VMC trebles, the Rapala Slab Rap provides bite-sized attraction that delivers big results.

Slab Rap 04 1/8oz 1-1/2"
Slab Rap 05 1/4oz 2"