Smashmouth Frog

Colour: Toxic Toad
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Hitting the water like a 90’s one hit wonder, the Snagproof SmashMouth Hollow Body Frog is sure to become the all-star of your frog collection. Featuring a hollow body construction with a deeply cupped mouth, the Snagproof SmashMouth Hollow Body Frog is completely weedless and can be worked through the thickest of slop with ease. Once it gets into open water anglers can pop it to create an aggressive popping and splashing action that calls bass from a great distance and triggers vicious strikes. It is also weighted for long distance casting but balanced so that it sits in a perfectly horizontal position to ensure consistent action cast after cast.

Taking its performance a leap further, an innovative water evacuation system naturally expels any water infiltration during a cast for unbeatable buoyancy and consistent performance. It also features an oversized double frog hook that provides rock solid hook sets and enough power to pull big bass away from their heavy cover hide outs. Boasting custom paint schemes designed and created by award-winning lure designer Andrew Gardner, Snagproof SmashMouth Hollow Body Frog will add a little noise to your frog arsenal.

Length Weight
2.5" 5/8oz

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