SMH Shaky Head Jig Heads 3pk

Colour: Black
Size: 1/4oz
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Designed in conjunction with MLF angler Brian Latimer, the Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head Jigheads are the perfect tool for wiggling your favorite finesse baits on the lake’s bottom. A premium jig any shakey head enthusiast is sure to appreciate, the SMH Jigheads are molded with a meticulously designed head that is snag-resistant, easy to skip, and adds a ton of action to your worm. Additionally, it utilizes a recessed hook eye for increased abrasion resistance and knot protection.

Building off the smartly crafted head, the Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head Jigheads employ a custom round bend needle-point 4/0 black nickel hook that is sharp enough to penetrate the mouths of bass quickly and strong enough to keep them pinned without bending. Welded to the hook is a wire keeper that easily and securely holds your preferred trailer in place without the need for messy glues. Exceptional when paired with the SMH Wormz, the Z-Man SMH Shaking My Head Jigheads will help anglers boat a limit in tough conditions, pressured waters, and every scenario in between.

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