Spinnerbait Willow Colorado

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Size: Gold Shiner
Colour: 1/2oz
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Built using Freedom Tackle’s revolutionary hybrid head design, the Freedom Tackle Spinnerbait is one of the most customizable spinnerbaits to ever hit the market. Featuring a patent-pending, free-swinging hook system that allows your trailer to have a more natural swimming action with maximum movement. The hook system also allows for quick-and-easy replacement, so anglers can pre-rig a variety of trailers and switch them without having to retie. The revolutionary design keeps bass from using the lure as leverage to spit the hook as well, resulting in more landed fish. From end-to-end, the Freedom Spinnerbait features premium components, including super bright double willow blades, a ball-bearing swivel, and a spring lock trailer keeper. Finally, finished off with a hardened epoxy coating for long-lasting durability, the Freedom Tackle Spinnerbait delivers a highly versatile lure that will help take your spinnerbait fishing to new levels.

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