Stunna Jerkbait 112

Colour: Phenom
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Born from Bassmaster Classic Champion, Hank Cherry’s vast knowledge, combined with Berkley’s design expertise, the Berkley Stunna Jerkbait 112 has all the refinements for a jerkbait to excel in a variety of conditions. It starts with a convincing baitfish-imitating profile that is expertly accentuated with a range of detailed paint schemes to help anglers more readily ‘match the hatch.’ The exceptional looks continue with 3D gill rakers, 3D eyes, and raised scale patterns that are sure to fool even the most discerning bass.

Constructed to maximize its dancing action, the Berkley Stunna Jerkbait 112 excels when jerked, twitched, or worked with a sweep-and-pause cadence. It achieves the ultimate darting action, with easy 180-degree head turns and side flash when fished aggressively. Slow things down and anglers will be delighted with a natural slow sink on the pause to entice even the most lethargic fish into lashing out at your bait. A dual brass weight pairs with a single tungsten weight transfer system ensures impressively long casting performance. Armed with sticky-sharp medium shank EWG Fusion19 treble hooks to complete this bass-thumb inducing package, the Berkley Stunna Jerkbait 112 was built with action, casting distance, and durability at the forefront of the design process.

Berkley Length Weight Depth
Stunna 112 4-3/8" 1/2oz 3-6ft

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