TactX Braid and Fluorocarbon Kit

Test (Braid/Fluoro): 15 lb/8 lb
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Taking the guesswork out of your braid to fluoro connections, the Seaguar TactX Braid & Fluorocarbon Kit makes shopping for the perfect combination of braid mainline and fluoro leader easier than ever. This smart system utilizes Seaguar’s 4-strand natural camo-colored braid that delivers precise, long casts and concealment once in the water. The included fluorocarbon leader is virtually invisible under the surface for a covert approach to finicky or pressured fish. Both lines bring exceptional knot and tensile strength to your favorite setups as well as a dose of abrasion resistance. Available in a range of strengths to tackle any scenario you’re faced with, the Seaguar Tactx Braid & Fluorocarbon Kit simplifies the challenge of pairing up fluorocarbon to your braided mainline.

Filler Spool - 150yd
Leader Line - 5yd

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