Tournament Zippered Weigh-In Bag

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Making weigh-ins easier on anglers and fish, the Accu Cull Tournament Zippered Weigh-IN Bag offers a revolutionary new design that streamlines the weigh-in processes and keeps fish handling to a minimum.

Built with a heavy-duty, marine-grade zipper across the top, the Accu Cull Tournament Zippered Weigh-IN Bag features an internal mesh liner that allows anglers to remove the fish without having to dump their water. This provides more aeration for fish when they are in the dip tank and prevents anglers from having to empty and refill their bag.

Designed with a super-sturdy handle to help you carry the bag without dragging it on the ground or walking awkwardly to the scales, the Accu Cull Tournament Zippered Weigh-IN Bag offers increased convenience and a fish-friendly design that benefits anglers and bass.

Dimensions: 23-3/4" x 23"

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