Trixie Shark 8pk

Length: 4.75"
Colour: Black
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The Reaction Innovations Trixie Shark is an extremely versatile and unique soft plastic bait that produces a tremendous amount of action. Able to target any segment of the water column, it excels on a variety of rigs. Crafted with two large J-shaped tails, which provides a frantic kicking action, it also features a wide flat body shape that allows glide on the fall or maintain a constant horizontal depth as you retrieve it over underwater cover.

The innovative design of the Trixie Shark allows it to be rigged weightless for fishing over the top of grass beds, Texas-rigged for flipping and pitching, and it also does well on a Carolina-rig being dragged across the bottom. Fitted with a belly hook slot to improve hook setting performance, the Reaction Innovations Trixie Shark is one bait that you can use to attack any section of the lake.

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