Tungsten Drop Shot Weight Cylinder

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Built to perform when fished in and around aquatic vegetation and grass the Freedom Tackle Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights feature a slender cylinder shape that slips in and out of cover with ease. Made from a premium tungsten compound, these high-density weights are incredibly sensitive and transfer tons of vibration through your fishing line. Providing instant feedback so it’s easy to adjust to complex structure, anglers will hang up less and feel even the most subtle bites.

Half the size of comparable lead weights your presentation is more compact, so the fish remain focused on your lure instead of a bulky weight crashing to the bottom. Equipped with a built-in swivel to reduce line twists, the Freedom Tackle Tungsten Skinny Drop Shot Weights have a quick-change pinch-style clip so you can change leader length or weight sizes without having to retie.

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