Tungsten Flipping Weights

Colour: Black
Size: 1.5oz 1pk
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Slipping through cover, brush, and vegetation with ease, the Freedom Tackle Tungsten Flipping Weights feature a traditional ‘Flippin-style’ shape to get your bait where the big fish live. Made from a high-density premium tungsten compound, Freedom Tackle Tungsten Flipping Weights are incredibly sensitive and transmit bites and bottom contours with a profile that is half the size of comparable lead weights. The flattened bottom side allows your soft plastic baits to fit tight to the weight for a seamless presentation that minimizes the pick-up of weeds and debris when fishing heavy cover.

Taking the guesswork out of rigging up, each weight has the size printed directly on the barrel, so there is no more wasting time looking for the correct size. Delivering a performance-driven design that excels in heavy cover, the Freedom Tackle Tungsten Flipping Weights are finished with a durable powder coat paint for improved chip resistance.

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