Whiplash Shad 8pk

Size: 6"
Colour: Magic Minnow
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Offering an impeccable baitfish imitation, the Xzone Lures Whiplash Shad is made to dart and dive through the water like a scared or injured baitfish and trigger aggressive feeding responses from bass. Featuring an extra long tail, the Whiplash Shad delivers an unparalleled tail swinging action during the retrieve and jerk. Its unique tail design also produces a seductive quivering action when the Whiplash Shad falls on slack line that is perfect for those times when the fish are in a more lethargic mood.

The Whiplash Shad can be used on a light Texas-rig or a small jig head, but it produces the most erratic and natural action when fished weightless with an EWG style hook. Offered in a variety of baitfish forage patterns, the Xzone Lures Whiplash Shad blurs the lines between real and artificial.

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