Wire Drop Shot Rigs

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Designed for covering water and handling extreme bottom structure, the Freedom Tackle Wire Drop Shot Rigs guarantee you will spend more time fishing and less time hung up.  Featuring a traditional cylinder drop shot weight with a stiff wire extruding from the underside, Wire Drop Shot Rigs elevate the bulk of the weight up off the lake floor, and away from rocky structure or bottom gunk that can quickly fowl your weight. Fitted with a traditional closed ring line tie, multiple sliding or direct-tie techniques are possible including dropshot, free rigs, punch shot, and 3-way rigging.

Perfect for casting a dropshot to fish down on steep ledges or in heavy current where rocky contours can quickly break you off, the Wire Drop Shot Rig telegraphs bottom feel with pinpoint accuracy. Embossed with the weight size directly on each weight to take the guesswork out of rigging, the Freedom Tackle Wire Drop Shot Rigs will get your dropshot game wired in this season!

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