Zaga Craw Baitfuel Infused 6pk

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Size: 2"
Colour: Black
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Offering anglers huge action with a bite-sized profile, the l Zaga Craw is built to help you overcome challenging fisheries and put big bass in your livewell. The first finesse style craw that is overloaded with proprietary BaitFuel attractant, it has been carefully designed to increase scent dispersion by maximizing the exposed surface area. The body hosts protruding ribs from head to tail that deliver subtle vibrations and push water as the bait crawls along your lakebed. Also extending from the body are reverse mounted legs that move against the direction of the body to create even more fish-drawing action. Towards the head of the Zaga Craw, both anglers and bass are sure to appreciate the tapered claw design that allows for light to penetrate the arms of the craw, giving it an ultra-lifelike appearance. In addition to the flapping, scent-flinging claws, a quadruplet of quivering antennae extends from the nose to entice even the wariest bass into engulfing your bait. Harness the power of Set The Hook's deadly new scent Baitfuel, and unleash the  Zaga Craw on your local waters.

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